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Annette's clients have their say...

61 DELL PARK AVE:  Thank you Annette for you wonderful,professional and friendly support from the time you saw our house till we b"h made a deal. you weere there for us  and encouraged us constrantly. we would recommend you to anyone else to make a stressful experience more relaxed...

Barclay:     exemplifies professionalism, street smarts, caring and going the extra mile.... on call 24/7 and is a delight to work with. The sales process was very quick and painless!

We have finally moved and want to give kudos and sincere appreciation to our amazing real estate agent,Annette Rosenthal. Amazingly, she accurately predicted the softening in home prices. She provided us with expert advice, great suggestions, professionalism and a huge measure of caring! She also provided us delicious, gourmet Friday night dinners! We strongly recommend Annette to prospective sellers and buyers!   

PALM DRIVE we feel very blessed and thankful to you . we will of course take any opportunity we have to recommend you. Hillel R

 Robingrove:   Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication you provided us with the sale of our house.  You spent so much time, so much effort, so much diligence in finding us the ideal condo and ultimately in the sale of our house.   You went the extra mile, always with a smile, always patient, with tireless effort.  You said you would be there for us for the entire downsizing process, and you were!!  We have told everyone we know that you are the best!!

Invermay:  Thank you for holding our hand on every step ! thanks to your advice we were successful...Chaviva  D.

Glencairn: thank you so much annette, you are the best agent with the most bed side manner. with so many temperaments, so many opinions and stresses - your advice came out with flying colors. you are the reason why we got such a fabulous price.

Regina:    Without your professional involvement we doubt that we would have been as successful with the outcome of the sale. Choosing you, was a whirlwind ride complete with efficiency, energy and tons of Israeli charm and a sale that was completed within a matter of a few days...Annette K

Blue Forest /Hove

 To my dear Annette , I just want to say THANK YOU. I know buying and  selling house for my family was a lot of work for you, but thanks to you I didn’t have to stress. 

Annette not only you  answered all the questions I had but made me aware of so many issues I never would have considered. 

Despite your  busy schedule you made me feel like I was your only client- quick to respond to any questions or needs I had. your knowledge of the market are impressive.With your help I found a home I love, sold my house in a week, and hope to spend many memorable years in. And When we moved in - you cooked and delivered meal for several days for my whole family. As long as I live I would never forget that

Thank you for going above and beyond and should I ever have another house to sell or buy…..I’ll be calling you.” Annette


61 Clanton Park

Dear Annette,
Thank you for magnificently orchestrating the sale  of 61 Clanton Park!
You are the consummate professional -- frank and honest, excited and enthusiastic. You served as an excellent mediator between us and the buyers.
We can certainly say that you know the market and the buyers who are looking in the area.
We were amazed that you spotted the smallest improvements that could make the house more marketable and initiated them on your own.
Since you were always available day and night, when did you have time to sleep? You're a dynamic powerhouse!
Annette, your track record speaks for itself. This is the third house that you've bought or sold for us and you are the only real estate agent we would ever recommend.
Many thanks again,
Barry and Esther


"There is an art of selling real estate. There is also an art to making client relationships the most important part of your business. Annette is an artist who can do both with grace. She is a woman of integrity, charisma and commitment. She is passionate about her work to obtain the best deal possible for her clients. She is always available to guide you through the labyrinth of buying and selling real estate. Annette is a true example of an amazing real estate agent who has her client's best interest at heart".  E & M


"....a pleasure to work with. We bought  and sold our house with her, and all along we truly felt that she had our best interest in mind. Her integrity, consideration, experience and honesty are exemplar y. It was a real privilege to  to work with her"      BT

36 TIMBERLANE ** "you were hard working...devoted....energetic...attentive to details ...always accssible...excellent marketer...easy to work with"



"  Dear Annette,

...............You were incredibly determined and industrious in getting the most appropriate buyers. You worked tirelessly at all hours of the day and night. We are all very appreciative.      T L  "


"within 36 hrs of listing, u brought 2 offers and sold for 4% above list. Had we been more available, u could have wrapped it up in half the time ..."     PP



"....Annette was a Master Stager with Xray vision by figuring out exactly what was needed to make our house sell for what we wanted. She was instrumental in getting us 20% more for our house with an investment of only 5%. ... Since our 4th child was just born, she promised that it will only take a few days from the day it was listed until it sold - and this is exactly how it was. We are so thankful."

-- A. and T. Davis

"....I was expecting our third child. Our house was getting crowded. Annette guided us with precision and dedication ... made sure we did not have any stress in going thru such a major step in our life...we had no sleepless nights....Annette told us exactly what to expect. We were very happy with our sale and doubly happy with our purchase....absolutely the best advice our friends gave us, to call on Annette to find us our new house. We will continue on recommending her..."
-- N. and K. Moscoe

I bought and sold properties with you, always getting the best service, guidance and results. I did so well, because you were there to execute it."
-- E. Anisfeld

"Dear Annette,
... to sell my house and move, and to buy another, for me was a monumental process ... you constantly guided and reassured me, and calmed my nerves. I never thought it would be such a smooth, quick transaction, and with your coaching,to have 4 offers and sell for more than I expected was just unbelievable. You were patient, consistent and an excellent negotiator ...I was happy you were my agent."
-- C. Milevsky

You were superb. We could not believe how quick and efficient the sale of our house was, and for such a fabulous price. We saw you in action - cool and cunning!

You were (and are) always accessible to us in a moment's notice. We always recommend you."
-- I. and D. Oziel

.....thank you so much for your  guidance, patience and tenacity....  we are so happy with our new house. We could not have done it better..."
-- J. and N. Brumer

"Dear Annette,
....You were there for me at every step, aggressively getting the best price for my house. You were sensitive, understanding, and always encouraging. I have dealt with other agents before, now I know you are the best."
-- E. Kleinman

"Dear Annette, took a long time, you were there always enthusiastic, cheerful, understanding cautious and shrewd, having always my best interest at hand."
-- N. Weinberg

"Dear Annette,
...we want to thank you so very much for the incredibly professional way you handled the sale of our house on York Downs. Besides taking care of the major items we were so impressed, right from day one, with all the extra little things that you did, going the extra mile at your own personal inconvenience [such as sewing the blind; cleaning the tiles of the downstairs shower; and so many other little things too numerous to mention]. You always listened to us, but also guided us gently through the myriad of things that needed to be navigated through the complexities of selling a house. We know you used your charm, intelligence, industriousness, persuasion and a host of other skills on all of the potential buyers. The proof is in the pudding you sold our house at the most difficult time of the year during the worst market ever, in such a short time at a price which was very fair to both the buyer and the seller,...You can use us any time, anywhere, as a thoroughly satisfied reference, recommendation and testimony as a top notch real estate agent...."
-- A. Levine

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